New Vegan Burger Joint to Open in California Following Debut at Coachella

New Vegan Burger Joint to Open in California After Coachella Debut

Soon, Southern California residents will have a new vegan fast food burger joint to check out: Monty’s Good Burger. The eatery will open inside the Riverside Food Lab, giving the Inland Empire its first taste of the Impossible Burger.

The 100 percent plant-based burger company made its official debut this weekend at Coachella. EatDrinkVegan, the official account of the Los Angeles vegan food and drink festival, praised Monty’s Good Burger via Instagram: @montysgoodburger [is a] 100% plant-based burger stand that will make ’em say ‘In-N-Out who?”

Riverside Food Lab is an upcoming communal food hall featuring local, artisanal eateries and bars that is scheduled to open in May. The goal of space is to act as “a culinary showcase that connects Riverside’s agricultural roots with the latest trends in foodie culture.” 

Monty’s Good Burger will offer a vegan perspective amongst the 14 Food Lab vendors. According to the restaurant’s website, Monty’s was created by a group of friends who, disappointed by the lack of vegan food in Riverside, sought to build a brand that married their passion for “good food and environmental sustainability.” 

Monty’s promises a more environmentally-friendly experience for burger lovers. The owners take care to source the majority of their ingredients from local farms, most which are located within a 30-mile range. One of the only exceptions to this is the vegan Impossible Burger, which will be offered as one of the burger options. Known for having a taste and texture that resemble a traditional beef burger, serving the Impossible Burger at the restaurant fits with the brand’s commitment to changing the “perception of eating sustainably” and educating “through good taste and experience.”

The vegan Impossible Burger has proven to be a hit with customers seeking a sustainable alternative to hamburgers without sacrificing flavor. It is currently available at over 1,300 restaurants throughout the United States. Most recently, it debuted at select White Castle locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Chicago in the form of a slider.

Image source: Riverside Food Lab.