New Vegan Butchery ‘Hip Peaz Vegan Eats’ Brings Housemade Plant-Based Meats to San Antonio, Texas

New Vegan Butchery 'Hip Peaz Vegan Eats' Brings Housemade Plant-Based Meats to San Antonio, Texas

Hip Peaz Vegan Eats, a vegan butcher and plant-based comfort food eatery, is now open for business in San Antonio, Texas, local news outlet the San Antonio Current reports.

The vegan establishment was launched in January by co-owners Leah Drones and Javier Balderas, who sold their vegan eats at the monthly pop-up market, Vegan Stop Shop. The success of the small, independent vegan business soon led to a permanent home in the completely plant-based Munch On and Beyond Co-Op in San Antonio.

“Back in January, the dream was so far away,” Drones told LIVEKINDLY. “Our intention was to go slow, keep my day job and in 2019 I’d grow a set and make that leap of faith. …not one bit did we expect the love so fast. We started at pop ups and the queries came in, but the fact we weren’t in a commercial kitchen held back all dreams of bigger things, so here we are.”


The vegan butcher specializes in housemade vegan meats such as corned beef, glazed ham, and burger patties made from plant beef. The butcher also serves plant-based soul food like po’boys made with vegan shrimp. or dairy-free mac and cheese and vegan barbecue ribs served with collards, a corn muffin, potato salad, and red beans and rice. Asian-inspired food, such as vegan sushi burritos, housemade kimchi, and more are also part of the regular menu lineup. According to Drones, most customers can’t believe that the food being served is vegan.

Hip Peaz Vegan Eats isn’t the only Texas vegan establishment showing locals that plant-based food can taste just as good as meat from animals. Austin-based food truck BBQ Revolution serves authentic Texas-style vegan barbecue smoked meats. Soulgood, an organic vegan food truck in Dallas, offers healthier, yet hearty plant-based fast food made using local produce. Arlo’s, a vegan food truck in Austin, serves Tex-Mex vegan tacos with housemade seitan as well as over-the-top veggie burgers like the “Bac’n Cheeze Burger,” featuring a gluten and soy-free vegan patty served with seitan bacon, dairy-free cheese, and the works.

Image Credit: Hip Peaz Vegan Eats