New Vegan Café with Dog-Friendly Treats Opening in Scotland

A new vegan café is set to hit Glasgow soon!

The exciting, new café will open its doors for the first time in October this year. You will be able to find them at 380 Great Western, conveniently located near Kelvinbridge subway. Serenity Now Café will make a variety of foods in store, whilst also offering coffees, smoothies and juices. The food on the menu here will be an assortment of vegan brunches, lunches and baked goods.

The café won’t only just cater for humans, they intend on providing treats for your dogs too! All the vegan dog treats on offer here will be freshly homemade.

The brains behind this dog-friendly eatery, Serenity Now Café, are Amelia Dagger and Barry Nicolson.

Amelia and Barry saidWe’re dog owners ourselves and make healthy raw and baked treats for them at home, a selection of which will be available at the café. We plan to donate 10% of sales to the retired Greyhound Trust”

Science suggests that dogs can be raised on a purely vegetarian or vegan diet, which for the earth conscious doggy is great news. Our canine friends are naturally omnivores rather than the carnivorous diets we tend to feed them as. So long as the dog receives all the necessary nutrients from their diet then feeding them a vegan diet is safe. If you are considering changing your pup to a vegan diet but are unsure of where they can get all their nutrients from then consult your vet.

Serenity Now Café will be a perfect fit in Glasgow. Scotland, as a whole, are seeing a huge growth in vegan restaurants and cafés, with Edinburgh being placed amongst the most vegan friendly cities in the United Kingdom. With businesses like this, it seems Glasgow may not be too far behind!

Author: Eve Coates