Being Vegan is Made Simple with a New Worldwide Vegan Directory

As of October 1st this year, a convenient new website has launched which takes the hassle out of searching for vegan products and services worldwide. My Vegan Finder is a comprehensive resource for the veg curious, new vegans and experienced vegans.

The website directory contains products and services from personal trainers, health coaches, dating services, clothing and footwear to restaurants, retreats, food, cosmetics and household products – all of which are exclusively vegan. The company, based in Glasgow, is designed to be a global online vegan directory with a mission to make finding vegan products a breeze.

This business is the brainchild of Khutso Dunbar, a dynamic mother of 2 and fierce vegan proponent who originates from South Africa but currently resides in Scotland. She says

Veganism is not a moral high ground but an awakening of consciousness; when people find out about the positive health benefits of cutting out meat products from their diet and learn about the environmental impact as well as the ethical implications of relying on animal products, they awaken to a new perspective- being vegan is about awakening to compassion for ourselves, the animals and our planet.”

As an ever-increasing amount of consumers are becoming more conscientious in their lifestyle choices, veganism has inevitably seen a rise in popularity. Finding vegan food is the easy part, but this wave of new vegans need a service such as this to help them navigate their new lifestyle by finding the right products and services for them. In addition, veteran vegans will appreciate the ability to easily find new products on the market. ‘My Vegan Finder’ is an easy-to-use method that will let you discover new things and access relevant services with ease – not only in local areas but also worldwide, which is really handy while travelling.

Dunbar says “Being vegan is the sincerest and most committed form of activism to me because every vegan understands that dedicating your whole lifestyle to your beliefs & philosophy is what true integrity is.” Adding,  “With ‘My Vegan Finder’, I’m simply extending that integrity and activism into the world to serve the vegan community and make veganism easy and accessible to all by providing a user friendly platform for users to search for and discover the products & services they want and need while also supporting vegan businesses by giving them a place to showcase their offerings to customers.”

She aptly finalises with, “I firmly believe that the easier it is to live vegan, the more people will grow to love being vegan.” This directory comes at a time when vegan products are becoming more readily available in supermarkets .

Businesses can list their products & services to be found by customers from as little as £19/month and the directory is free for all consumers to access and use from mostly all mobile or desktop devices.