New Vegan Egg for Baking Now Available in Europe


A new vegan egg replacer, REGG-EX, launched in Europe courtesy of Kröner-Stärke. The product is designed to help vegan food companies create baked goods without eggs or artificial ingredients.

Kröner-Stärke is an established, family-owned company on a mission to provide the highest quality natural ingredients to industrial and artisanal food manufacturers without using additives or animal ingredients. The company prides itself on transparency and its use of minimal, non-GMO ingredients. Further, by providing natural, plant-based products, Kröner-Stärke hopes to help their food partners gain access to the popular vegan market. In January 2018, the company introduced a line of wheat proteins to serve as meat substitutes. Now, it’s are on to the baking world with REGG-EX.

We have already supplied our egg replacer to a well-known frozen bakery company who was able to achieve an excellent end product with the desired texture,” said Kröner-Stärke product development technician, Maren Wiese. “A further example involved supplying REGG-EX as 100% egg replacement for a European producer of milk bread rolls (like brioche) – again with outstanding results.”

Vegan muffin

The company says that REGG-EX makes an ideal egg replacer in cakes and muffins, mimicking the rise and texture necessary in these beloved baked goods.

REGG-EX is made with wheat flours and untreated spring water. It claims to be more healthful for consumers and more cost-effective for suppliers, in comparison to a chicken egg. REGG-EX is cholesterol-free, and since it is naturally shelf-stable, it does not expire at the rate of traditional eggs, which reduces a manufacturer’s food waste costs.

According to a 2017 global analysis on the vegan egg market, both food manufacturers and consumers have been hesitant to replace chicken eggs, as egg replacers cannot perfectly replicate an egg’s taste, texture, and flavor. However, REGG-EX may change this attitude. The growing interest in plant-based ingredients, along with the trend toward vegan and vegetarian diets, has popularized demand for a vegan egg substitute. If REGG-EX can successfully replicate an egg’s baking properties, consumers and industry leaders will likely embrace it with open arms.