New Vegan ‘House of Cards’ Actress Kate Mara Ditches Leather

Kate Mara at an event for Animal Equality

House of Cards actress, Kate Mara has said her vegan diet is now being reflected in her clothing choices, as the star ditches leather from her wardrobe.

In a recent interview with Parade, Mara revealed how her fashion choices are changing to better fit her compassionate lifestyle.

“I am slowly trying to get rid of and not buy leather products anymore. I’ve never worn fur, and I’m very much against it, but I also know that leather is probably just as bad. It’s in a lot more clothing, shoes and bags than fur is,” Mara said.

“So it’s more difficult for people to stay away from it. I’m definitely more aware of it now than I ever have been, and one of my goals is to eventually not wear it at all.”

Some shoppers, even those who aren’t vegan or vegetarian, opt to boycott leather due to the conditions animals are subject to before being slaughtered for their hides. Leather isn’t only produced from cows, and there is not always a guarantee which animal the skin has come from. Horses, pigs, ostriches, cats, dogs, lizards, crocodiles, zebras, deer, seals, and sharks are among those subject to tanning, processing, and being sold on high streets across the world. Despite the common belief that leather is a byproduct of livestock agriculture, this is not always the case either.

Earlier this year, Kate Mara’s sister, fellow actress, and vegan, Rooney Mara, announced the launch of a vegan clothing line, Hiraeth. The clothing line will hit stores later this year, and Kate says her sister’s  line will become her “main source of clothing.” 

Fellow vegan actress and Stranger Things star Sadie Sink modelled Rooney Mara’s upcoming animal-free fashion line on the red carpet at the Paley Fest and the Kids’ Choice Awards just last week.

Kate Mara has spoken out about numerous animal welfare issues. After being “deeply moved” by the 2013 SeaWorld documentary Blackfish, the actress urged her Twitter followers to “See the movie ASAP.”

As a vegan, Mara says her compassion moves her to educate others when possible, telling the Humane Society it is her “moral obligation”, and that she is “very passionate about educating people on making better, more humane choices when it comes to the food we eat.”

Image Credit: Hiraeth