New Vegan Lewis Hamilton Says He Could “Never Go Back” To Eating Meat

New Vegan Lewis Hamilton Says He Could “Never Go Back” To Eating Meat

British Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, has accredited his vegan diet as the real driving force behind his success. Speaking to CNN he raved, ‘I do feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life, in my 32 years, physically’, he then goes on to add ‘I feel incredibly clean and healthy.

This is not the first time the racer has openly praised his plant-based diet. After winning the U.S. Grand Prix, Lewis said he had previously felt strong mentally, but it was the decision he made to become a vegan that brought him on top of his game physically to succeed in the event.

In his view, being well educated on the health benefits of vegan life is good motivation. He claims, ‘there’s things I see my friends eating, and I used to eat it, but now I feel sick because I have read about it and have read some of the science.’

Lewis speaks for most of us when he describes the struggles with friends and family that often arise when switching to a solely plant-based diet, explaining how he often hears them say to him ‘I could never be on a plant-based diet, I could never be vegan.’ However, despite the cynicism of many of his loved ones, the star is firm in his belief that there will be no turning back, stating ‘it’s weird because once you cross over the line and go over the hill, I can’t imagine going back.

Well done Lewis, may your plant-based success continue.