New York Applebee’s Adds the Impossible Burger to Its Menu

Impossible Burger

Applebee’s, an iconic American casual restaurant and grill, is now serving the Impossible Burger in select New York locations.

Impossible Foods made the announcement on Instagram, dedicating an entire row to the three post image. The company captioned, “Ready or not, NY! The Impossible™ Burger is @ApplebeesNY. Wanna race there?”

However, the post has been taken down, giving just a few followers a sneak peek of what is to come. But according to the vegan burger company’s website, dozens of New York Applebee’s are listed as carrying the Impossible Burger including locations in White Plains, Queens, seven locations in the Bronx, several in Staten Island, Harlem, New Rochelle, Brooklyn, Broadway at West 50th, and 42nd Street.

The company has made similar sudden announcements using Instagram as its platform, initiating a surge of excitement over such unexpected partnerships.

Instagram Caption Impossible Burger

Similar to other Impossible restaurant partners, Applebee’s menu is a far cry from being vegan-friendly. The extensive list includes fully-loaded beef nachos, chicken, seafood, and steak entrees, dairy-laden pastas, meaty appetizers, and of course, mile-high animal-laden burgers. The Impossible Burger will be the restaurant’s only veggie burger option. As it is so new, the item has not been updated on Applebee’s online menu. Customers adhering to a vegan diet should ask about the bun and toppings to ensure the rest of the burger is plant-based, as many non-vegan chains offer the burger with cheese.

Although Impossible Foods has curated an impressive number of restaurant partners, both in the US and abroad, this latest collaboration marks a major milestone for the company. Currently, there are over 1,990 Applebee’s restaurants operating system-wide in 49 states, 15 international countries, and one US territory. The Applebee’s system employs approximately 28,000 employees company-wide. The Impossible Burgers are just beginning to roll out in the New York locations, but with positive customer feedback, there is a possibility for an immense distribution.

Impossible burger and fries

Fine dining restaurant groups, independent pubs and cafes, and major fast-food chains are all among the list of Impossible Foods partners. It all began in 2016 with celebrated chef and restaurateur David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi, and in the years since, the “bleeding” vegan burger has experienced an accelerated trajectory, making its way to Hong Kong and even White Castle, an established east coast fast-food chain known for its sliders.

This news follows quickly on the heels of another major announcement by Beyond Meat, the other leading US vegan meat company responsible for the equally popular Beyond Burger. As of July 9, the Beyond Burger became available at 925 Canadian A&W locations. Both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are on a mission to provide the world with more sustainable, cruelty-free meal options that do not compromise taste, texture, or the simple joy of eating a burger.

Image Credit: Impossible Foods