New York Magazine’s Epic Vegan Encyclopedia for Omnivores is a Must-Read

Grub Street, a New York Magazine site, just published an A to V vegan encyclopedia for omnivores. And when they say encyclopedia, they aren’t exaggerating. This thing is chock full of organized, helpful vegan tips, tricks, foods, and places to eat. It doesn’t get much more thorough. And we don’t blame them for skipping W, X, Y, Z, and one or two other letters in between because it’s totally made up for by the beautiful food photography from Bobby Doherty…talk about vegan food porn.

From cheese, pizza, to mock meats (i.e. plant based meats), to non-dairy ice cream, this encyclopedia offers options for people’s favorite foods. The encyclopedia lists places to get such vegan foods and also offers other cultural and social notes about many of the vegan foods on the list. It also introduces folks to vegan favorites like seitan, a particularly popular plant based food.

There are also lesser known things in the encyclopedia, like Liquid Smoke, which is the captured vapors of burning wood. These vapors can then be used to quickly flavor food — like plant based meats, for example. They also include things that are not necessarily food, like, an inclusive, crowdsourced database of vegan restaurants from across the globe.

At the date of writing, the article was trending number one as the most viewed story on the site. The article also appears in the November 13, 2017, issue of New York Magazine so grab yourself a copy if you want a vegan encyclopedia of your own.