New Zealand’s Demand for Vegan Products so High Suppliers Can’t Keep Up

As many retailers and companies are becoming increasingly aware, the demand for vegan products and vegan food is on the rise, and the future is set to be significantly more plant-based.

Alongside the growth of veganism and subsequent product demand, the price of meat and dairy products in New Zealand are soaring through the roof and at an all-time high while their sales are rapidly dropping.

Tonight, New Zealand’s leading news channel: One News by TVNZ showcased Kiwi suppliers who are struggling to meet the mammoth demand for vegan-friendly products and food options.

One quarter of Kiwi’s are expected to have ditched meat by 2025, and the NZ meat industry faces a rather uncertain future. In saying that however, New Zealand does export a significant amount of beef, lamb and dairy products – farming is a crucial, strong part of the current economy which is pushed as much as possible by the Government and agricultural industries.

The segment details how the nation has seen vegetarian and vegan groups and events boom. For example, a fully vegan night market is held each month in the capital city, and the ‘Vegan Expo’s new, upsized location in Christchurch is proving insufficient and often sees endless crowds.

This increase in vegan converts, now expo-goers, can be predominately credited to high-profile films and documentaries that are lighting up screens of the veg-curious, with ‘What The Health,’ ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘OKJA’ now mainstream titles that frequently roll off Kiwi tongues. Talking about the recent and groundbreaking documentaries, Mel Patterson of the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre said “They shock people into thinking about what they’re eating. And people start to feel uncomfortable about what they’ve eaten in the past.” 

In the past year alone, sales of plant-based alternatives have risen by 20%, as consumers are choosing proteins like veggie patties, falafels, and tofu over bacon, hamburgers, and steak.

Choosing plant-based is becoming more convenient by the day, especially with start-ups such as new company from New Zealand ‘Sunfed Meats’ and a scoopable, waste-free vegetable pick n’ mix at the supermarket New World.

Another New Zealand brand Angel Food who are most famous for their believable range of vegan cheeses is readily available at just about any supermarket across the country, retailing as a plant-based alternative alongside dairy products in even the most unexpected stores.

Millennials and people from younger generations are leading the plant-based movement rate, and it looks like the future is set to be bright for those who wish to abolish animal agriculture.