New Zealand’s Vigour and Vitality Plant Mylk Has ‘Cracked’ The Vegan Milk Code With Stone-Ground Concentrates

New Zealand-based Vigour and Vitality is gaining popularity with its vegan nut “mylk” concentrates. The company, founded in 2014, stone grinds nuts and seeds into “the finest consistency possible” with a range of 17 different flavors of nuts and seeds. This offers a base to mix with water and make instant plant-based milk and cuts plastic and cardboard packaging waste by offering the milks in concentrated form.

Vigour and Vitality recently partnered with non-profit organization Good Trust to provide clean drinking water for Cambodians. A portion of proceeds from every purchase of the milks provides two weeks-worth of clean drinking water for someone in Cambodia. According to, about four million people in Cambodia lack access to safe drinking water.

Good Trust was founded by two New Zealanders with a drive to eliminate “the constant burden” the lack of fresh drinking water poses for many people in Cambodia.

Vigour and Vitality milk concentrates

The creative nondairy milk brand is favored by many Kiwis for its concentrates because most recycling centers in New Zealand won’t accept Tetra Pak waste — what most milks are sold in. It’s a rising concern for the “clean and green” nation.

The brand now supplies its products to eateries and retailers across New Zealand such as Bin Inn, Four Square, and Vitality Organics. It just announced Melbourne, Australia, will also stock its milk concentrates.


New Zealand’s spike in demand for plant-based food and consumables has led many companies to make plant-based concepts flourish.

Recently, the nationwide petrol station chain Z Energy launched an on-the-go Chana Masala vegan pie in its station cafes. “When you need something quick, easy and piping hot, we’ve got what you’re looking for,” Z Energy comments. Chana Masala joins the brand’s vegan Gourmet Mexican pie.

Also, late last month, 109 Domino’s Pizza locations across New Zealand launched vegan Angel Food cheese as a part of a trial. The announcement from the pizza chain came just days after Subway Australia and New Zealand debuted a vegan falafel sandwich as its first dedicated plant-based menu option.

The New Zealand brand Sunfed Meats has seen significant growth since launching its flagship product last year. In July, the highly-anticipated vegan meat Chicken Free Chicken became stocked at Countdown supermarkets across the North Island. More recently, the brand announced it’s expanding its reach to the South Island and hinted at an Australian expansion. In Q4, it’s set to premiere a new Bull Free Burger.

Image Credit: missjessikat | Vigour and Vitality