Next Level Gifts for Plant Queens

Photo collage shows an upside-down terra cotta planter, a meyer lemon tree, red gardening shears, and a white geometric watering can

Peoples’ obsession with house plants has ebbed and flowed throughout history. They were hot among the wealthy in Ancient Egypt, India, and China. The upper-class Victorians were obsessed with lush indoor foliage imported from the tropics. They populated the sunken living rooms and sunny kitchen corners of the 1970s. And, the house plant love affair is back again. You probably know at least one variegated monstera-hunter who’s obsessed with their indoor garden. So what better way to acknowledge their green thumb than with a gift that says “I see you”?

Our top 10 gifts for plant lovers

Photo showing a snake plant and a parlor palm alongside a box from the plant shop, The Sill
The Sill delivers plants to your door monthly, and they have pet-friendly options, too. | The Sill

A plant subscription

If there’s one thing to know about plant people, it’s that they always want new plants. We gather in groups to exchange cuttings. We lurk in our Buy Nothing groups for free plants from people moving out of the neighborhood. Maybe sometimes we spend a little too much on plants. With a plant subscription, like this one from The Sill, you can foot the bill for your leaf-loving friend for up to six months. And fret not if the gift recipient is also a pet parent–The Sill offers a dog- and cat-safe plant subscription, too. 

Photo showing a small potted meyer lemon tree next to a small potted orange tree
Brighten up your favorite plant queen’s space with a potted citrus tree. | Via Citrus

A Meyer lemon tree

In this house, we love things that are multi-purpose. An electric kettle. An Instant Pot. A Meyer lemon tree. This gorgeous green foliage from Via Citrus doesn’t just bring verdant vibes to your home. In spring, it blossoms white and pink flowers with a zesty aroma, and once those flowers fall, lemons should start to emerge. In six months’ time, you should be squeezing home-grown lemons for lemonade, lemon bars, and lemony pie crusts. This lovely tree thrives in spaces where it can get at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. 

Photo shows an aloe plant in a tall, thin terracotta planter
An aloe plant is never out of place in a home jungle. | Uncommon Goods

An aloe grow kit

Growing a plant from a seed is challenging, but this little indoor aloe grow kit makes it easy. Aloe is a win-win plant gift for beginners because it’s easy to care for, but still beloved by even those whose spaces are already filled with greenery. The terracotta pot is compact (no worries if you have a small space–it’ll fit right on your windowsill), self-watering, and minimalist. There’s also less mess because the plant roots itself in coco pith (a natural growth medium made from the outer husk of coconut husks) instead of soil. 

Photo shows an upside-down, self-watering terra cotta planter with a snake plant growing out of it
This quirky self-watering planter is a godsend for busy plant parents. | Boskke

A self-watering planter

This playful planter offers a self-watering home for the plants of someone who’s always on the go, but still wants a little bit of greenery in their space. The outer body works as a reservoir, providing the plant with a steady stream of hydration for up to a month.

Photo shows 3 macramé hangers with tan-and-black jute baskets inside them
The 1970s called, and they’re glad that macramé is back. | Korissa

A macramé hanger

This set of two boho planters is stylish, ethically made, and sustainable, too. They’re made from jute, a natural and biodegradable fiber, and are handwoven by artisans in Bangladesh in a fair trade environment. It looks beautiful paired with a basket planter or a classic terra-cotta pot.

Photo showing high-quality pruning shears with a red handle
A good pair of pruning shears is a necessity in anyone’s plant care arsenal. | FELCO

Premium pruning shears

A good pair of pruning shears is a necessary tool for any gardening, indoor and outdoor. This premium pair, which also has a left-handed version, features an ergonomic handle and hardened steel blades that allow for precise pruning and clipping. 

Photo shows a large metal geometric watering can with a thin spout and wooden handle
Your greenery-loving giftee will be grateful for this sizeable watering can. | Bloomscape

A watering can

This metal watering has a clean design that fits in with just about any home decor. Its larger size makes it the perfect gift for someone who has a lot of plants. (Trust us, it helps to have more than one.)

Photo shows a mini glass terrarium sealed shut with a small glass ball
Whether it’s used for ferns and moss or dried flowers, this mini terrarium makes a statement. | Terrain

A terrarium

For plant lovers, the gift of a terrarium is a beautiful thing. These indoor gardens are typically either fully or partially enclosed to allow heat to enter and keep moisture in, creating a mini-ecosystem, and that’s a marvelous thing for the gardening-challenged. This handmade glass terrarium features an aesthetically pleasing glass ball top and an oversized height, giving plenty of space for building up layers of soil, charcoal, rocks, moss, and ferns, who love the humid environment of closed terrariums.

Photo shows a cylindrical humidifier with a clear bottom and matte black casing
Just like your skin in winter, plants love a humidifier when the air grows dry. | Geniani

A humidifier

Dry air is the bane of many plants’ existence. So when winter comes around to sap the moisture out of the air, a humidifier helps plants survive by helping recreate their natural environment. This lightweight humidifier features an intuitive one-button design that keeps dry air at bay for up to eight hours. (Bonus: humidifiers can also help with dry winter skin!)

Photo shows a ceramic upside down rainbow wall planter with succulents in it
This rainbow planter brings some cheer to any wall. | Viva Terra

A rainbow wall planter

This whimsical wall planter brightens up any room with its hand-painted colors. It’s just the right size for a small variety of succulents like jade plants, variegated aloe, burro’s tail, and other trailing succulents, which have shallow roots. Pro-tip: it has no drainage hole, but that’s easily fixed by layering gravel, charcoal soil, and a succulent or cactus mix in the pot.

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