This week on LIVEKINDLY News – Actor and comedian Nick Cannon just opened a vegan soul food restaurant in Los Angeles. With 18 million humans hunkered down in India’s largest city, more than 100,000 flamingos flocked to Mumbai. Tyson Foods—one of the world’s largest meat companies—has revealed pork production in the U.S. had dropped a staggering 50 percent due to the outbreak.

Comedian Ricky Gervais says “eating things you [censored] shouldn’t” causes pandemics like the coronavirus outbreak. Florida Senator Marco Rubio says the nation will have to go “a little vegan” during the pandemic. Instead of working in slaughterhouses, former workers could train to make vegan meat through a new program launched by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Pakistan has hired out-of-work laborers to plant billions of trees. A new report from the University of Michigan and Tulane University revealed replacing 50% of animal products in the U.S. diet with plant-based foods can significantly reduce emissions. Detroit resident James Vreeland has built a tiny restaurant for squirrels while on coronavirus lockdown.