Vegan Sisters Miley and Noah Cyrus Win Animal Liberation Awards

Vegan Sisters Miley and Noah Cyrus Win Animal Liberation Awards

peta2 has announced the winners of the Libby awards for this year, and it features a few famous faces including Miley Cyrus and her younger sister, Noah.

The Libby awards recognise the hard work put in my a number of animal rights activists and brands throughout the year, celebrating achievements such as Brightest Star for the Animals and Best Vegan Ice Cream.

Miley Cyrus came out on top of the Best Voice for the Animals category, beating Raury and Jordan Fisher. Raury is a rapper who appeared in a video with Waka Flocka Flame earlier this year showing off a vegan blueberry muffin recipe. peta2 also announced the best advert they had created this year which featured Noah Cyrus in a tank of water asking the public to boycott Seaworld.

Featured among the winners were some big brands such as Ben & Jerry’s who took the prize for Best Vegan Ice Cream and even Starbucks who won the title for Most Vegan-Friendly Coffee Chain.

Miley Cyrus works tirelessly promoting the vegan lifestyle and defending the rights of animals and the title is well deserved. This year she got two vegan themed tattoos, chose to stay at home with her pigs rather than go on tour, and partnered with footwear brand Converse to bring out her own line of vegan shoes.

Image credit: peta2 | Miley Cyrus