Non Vegan Company Names Plant Milk ‘the Future of Milk’

Could plant-based milk be “the future of milk”? One company thinks so.

Bolthouse Farms is not a vegan business, though they appear to back the cause. Late last year, the beverage and condiment company released a range of vegan milk across America. The launch intended to “satisfy the growing number of consumers seeking plant-based proteins, as well as traditional dairy milk drinkers looking for better food choices”, said spokesperson Suzanne Ginestro.

Now, Bolthouse Farms has begun advertising plant-based milk as “the future of milk”, as revealed by Research Director Jacy Reese on Twitter. The advertisement also reads: “What your kids will give their kids”.

Recently, veganism has experienced growing popularity. This year’s ‘Veganuary’ saw a record number of participants, with 1 person signing up every 6 seconds. And it is no longer just ditching meat that appeals to people; recent data revealed almost 30% of the UK wants to give up cow’s milk in 2018. A growing number of consumers choosing plant-based milk has even resulted in dairy sales declining.

The BBC recently spoke with The Vegan Society, who commented: “Vegan is the new vegetarian. It’s becoming more accessible”. Further, veganism has been identified as becoming “mainstream”, according to new research.

The line of plant milk offered by Bolthouse Farms is made with pea protein and contains “50% more calcium than dairy milk”. The beverage also contains 10 grams of protein whereas almond milk, Bolthouse Farms points out, contains just 1 gram.

The flavors include original, vanilla, unsweetened and chocolate. The drinks are non-GMO and contain no nuts, soy or gluten.

“It’s milk with a bigger flavor and a smaller impact on the land,” Bolthouse Farms states.

The environmental stress caused by food and drink products are of increasing concern to consumers. In fact, nearly half of young people are troubled by the environmental impact of meat. Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than every car, truck, train and plane on the planet- combined. Additionally, 1,000 gallons of water are required to produce just 1 gallon of cow’s milk.

Fortunately, plant-based milk typically uses no animal products and has a significantly lower impact on the environment. And according to Bolthouse Farms, the vegan alternative is the future of milk.