North Face Launches Vegan ‘Down’ Insulated Jacket Made From Recycled Plastic

Outerwear Brand The North Face Launches Vegan Insulated 'ThermoBall Eco' Jackets Made From Recycled Plastic

Outdoor clothing brand The North Face is the latest in the fashion industry to launch a line made from recycled plastics.

Earlier this year, sportswear brand Adidas revealed it was set to make $1 billion from its range of sneakers made from ocean plastic – produced in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, a nonprofit fighting against marine plastic pollution.

Now, The North Face is jumping onboard the trend, re-launching one of its largest product lines ThermoBall as ThermoBall Eco, which is made of fibers and fabrics created from recycled plastic bottles.

“The new ThermoBall Eco is the same award-winning lightweight down alternative jacket we have all grown to love, at the same price,” said the brand in a press release“It has the same product performance, but for one important difference: It’s made from recycled polyester fabric and recycled insulation.”

It continued, “Just the recycled insulation alone, sourced from our partners at Primaloft, is spun from at least five plastic bottles that are diverted from the landfill.”

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental crises of our time, threatening wildlife on land and in the sea. According to Sea Shepherd – an ocean conservation organization – if plastic pollution isn’t stopped soon, our oceans will contain more plastic than sea life.

Like The North Face, many companies are beginning to take the problem of plastic pollution seriously. Earlier this year, major credit card company American Express announced the development of a new card made entirely from recycled plastic, again in collaboration with Parley. Governments are also taking notice; earlier this year, the UK pledged £61.4 million to help end plastic pollution for good.

The ThermoBall Eco collection isn’t the first sustainable initiative from The North Face. Earlier this year, the company launched Bottle Source, a collection of hoodies and tees created with plastic pulled out of national park streams.

“Reiterate, renew, evolve,” said The North Face. “We are always searching for bright and inventive new ways to make our iconic products with more sustainable materials while maintaining the quality and performance you expect from The North Face.”

The new ThermoBall Eco collection comes in six colors and is available in-store and online.

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