Now You Can Have Vegan Salad and Chickpea Protein All-In-One

Now You Can Have Vegan Salad and Chickpea Protein All-In-One

Chickpeas. They’re full of protein, have a great flavor (in my opinion), and are pretty much the hottest legume out there. So en vogue. Creatively, they make great egg white replacements and dairy-free butter. You’ve seen them in all sorts of different recipes, whether it be pureed or juiced or powdered. But when was the last time you made a vegan dish that paid homage to the original chickpea as nature made it? Took you a while? Me too. That’s why this chickpea salad sandwich has become my new lunchtime staple. It makes me appreciate the chickpea and enjoy a filling lunch to power me through the rest of the day. All. In. One. You’re welcome.

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:127] If this simple vegan recipe is the chick to your pea, check out the many other vegan recipes you can make with your eyes closed – metaphorically, of course.

This dairy-free double cheddar vegan soup demands your biggest bowl, a generous ladle, and a cold winter’s evening. If you haven’t tried vegan cheese soup yet, get on that. Stat. It has broccoli to balance out the cheesiness but you can interchange the vegetable for anything you prefer. Carrots and potatoes pair well with the soup.

For something hotter, you can make this crustacean-free vegan Thai red curry with ingredients you already have. It’s perfect when you’re too busy to stock up on speciality ingredients for a recipe you’ll only make once. Not to mention, it makes killer leftovers for meal prep and easy, reheat-able freezer packs.

Make dinner with minimal effort by opting for a one pot vegan lentil, coconut, and spinach curry. It makes long, complicated recipes look so last year. You can make this in advance and play with the portion size to feed larger or smaller crowds.

Or, get sweet. Baked sweet potato with kale and vegan tahini dressing, that is! You can whip this up for lunch, dinner, picnics, or even freeze it. The sky – or your freezer space – is the limit with how you incorporate this dish into your weekly food routine.

This recipe was republished with permission from Bananiac.