Nush Foods Launches Vegan Almond Cream Cheese at Whole Foods

nush foods

Vegan-friendly spreadable almond milk cheese is available in the UK for the first time.

Dairy-free brand Nush Foods made the announcement on social media. Sicilian almonds are added to filtered water along with vegan probiotics to make the product, that is then seasoned with British sea salt. The product, described as delicious and creamy, “really is one of a kind,” the company said.

Sixty Almonds in Every Pot

Sixty almonds are in every pot, packing the dish with “natural protein, vitamins and natural nuttiness.” The brand said the spreadable plant-based cheese is ideal for both sweet and savoury foods. The snack is available in Natural and Chive flavours and can be found at Whole Foods and at Planet Organic, the largest fully certified organic supermarket in Britain.

Fans flocked to social media to share their excitement for the new product, prompting Nush to post again just a few hours later, saying the team was “overwhelmed by the amazing response to the launch.”

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Nush claims to use the highest quality ingredients and most ethical suppliers in its production of nondairy and soy-free foods. According to the company’s website, Nush’s vision is to produce great-tasting non-dairy products to “destroy the myth that dairy free has to be bland and boring.”

The company also launched the UK’s first dairy-free yoghurt tubes, made with almond milk and real fruit purée. As well as this, it launched the UK and Europe’s first dairy-free, almond-based yoghurt range in four innovative flavours: Natural, Peach Melba, Blueberry, and Caramel & Hibiscus. Nush also offers dairy-free organic yoghurt made with cashew milk.

UK’s Dairy-Free Preference

Increasingly, the public is shifting away from dairy. In the UK, the number of yoghurt servings made from cow’s milk declined by 82 million last year. In contrast, the non-dairy yoghurt market surged, with its total value expected to exceed $7 million by the year 2027. A “rising preference for a vegan diet” was named as a market driver.

Further, a poll from earlier this year revealed 28 percent of people in the UK want to give up dairy cheese and cow’s milk in 2018.