NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Speech Will Make You Cry (and Go Plant-Based)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the city all the feels this week when he addressed the news that 15 schools in Brooklyn were adopting the Meatless Monday campaign.

Praising Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for his example and commitment to a plant-based diet, de Blasio said that “Cutting back a little on meat will help make our city healthier and our planet stronger for generations to come.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams spoke to his personal transformation on a plant-based diet. “I am living proof of the power of a plant-based diet to transform one’s health,” he said. “I believe that Meatless Mondays is an extremely significant initiative that has the power to transform the health of thousands of our city’s students, as well as open the door to a powerful conversation that children can have with families on nutrition and wellness.”

The mayor noted that while he’s personally not a vegetarian, he is “surrounded by vegetarians,” calling out his children who both made the decision in middle school to become “strict vegetarians” and have stuck with it becoming vocal about its benefits for human health, the environment, and the animals.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, it’s obvious today why this discussion is important to you,” de Blasio said. “But even if you’re not – even if you had a bacon, egg, and cheese this morning – you should still want to see more and more of our diets go to a plant-based approach. It’s good for everyone.”