23 NYC Restaurants Highlight Sustainable Vegan Dishes for ‘Eat for Climate’ Week

eat for climate week

Starting today, a total of 23 New York City restaurants totaling 38 different locations are highlighting sustainable vegan dishes in honor of Eat for Climate Week.

The weeklong campaign is led by Brighter Green, a New York-based nonprofit organization that aims to raise awareness of and influence public policy action on issues affecting the environment, animals, and sustainability. Eat for Climate Week showcases restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens where diners can find a planet-friendly meal free from all animal products. The event aligns with the 10th anniversary of Climate Week NYC, which coincides each year with the UN General Assembly. Eat for Climate Week is “a first-of-its-kind initiative to raise awareness among the general public on the connection between food choices and climate change.”

“New York City is a global leader on climate and sustainability, and chefs, restaurants, and individuals all have an important role to play by re-envisioning the food we eat,” said Mia MacDonald, Executive Director of Brighter Green in a statement. “New Yorkers can lower their climate footprint and help meet Paris Agreement climate goals while enjoying innovative, delicious, and healthy cuisine at the same time.”

According to the official campaign page, participating restaurants include the Moby-backed vegan cocktail bar Ladybird, both locations of the upscale plant-based restaurant Avant Garden, Harlem-based soul food restaurant Seasoned Vegan, Brooklyn Navy Yard newcomer Rip’s Malt Shop, and organic vegan restaurant Le Botaniste among others.

“A plant-based diet not only provides enormous health benefits, it’s also far better for the climate — using fewer fossil fuel resources and generating less greenhouse gas pollution than animal-based food products,” said Manhatten Council Member Helen Rosenthal. “This is why I’ve introduced a resolution in the City Council encouraging New Yorkers to enjoy ‘Meatless Mondays.’ I’m thrilled to support the Eat for Climate Week campaign, which meets consumers where they’re at, making sure that delicious, climate-friendly food is within everyone’s reach.”

In June, a new study published in the journal Science revealed that a vegan diet is the most effective way to combat climate change. The study is the largest-ever analysis of how global food production impacts the environment. NYC has already taken several diet-related steps towards improving the health of its residents, which also benefit the planet. Last year, all 1,200 public schools launched an initiative to serve at least one vegan lunch option daily, following an announcement that 15 schools across Brooklyn would adopt a “Meatless Monday” program.

In August, vegan Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams helped to launch the Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine program at Bellevue Hospital. The pilot program aims to help prevent chronic illness and improve patient health by encouraging healthy vegan eating habits. Council Member Rosenthal was also one of several NYC lawmakers who backed a resolution calling for processed meat to be banned from all public schools.

NYC’s Eat for Climate Week begins today and goes until September 30. For further information, visit the official website.

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