You Can Now Buy Organic Vegan Ghee Online

You Can Now Buy Organic Vegan Ghee on Amazon

You can now buy 29oz of Nutiva’s Organic Vegan Ghee online.

Nutiva combines coconut and avocado oil to capture the aromatic flavor of traditional ghee. According to the plant-based brand, the vegan ghee has a “rich, buttery flavor” and a high smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for spreading, baking, and frying.

Nutiva’s Organic Vegan Ghee contains no cholesterol and includes turmeric extract known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The ghee flavor itself comes from a proprietary blend of sunflower and naturally fermented plants.

Ghee is commonly used in Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cooking, in rice dishes, Indian bread such as naan, and curries. Various non-coconut-based ghees typically use palm-oil blends. The high smoking point of ghee also makes it popular for deep frying.

Traditional ghee is a form of clarified butter. It originated in India, where the hot weather made the long-term safe storage of butter difficult.

In general, clarifying butter separates the water and milk solids from the butterfat, giving it longer shelf life. But traditional ghee preparation involves simmering the butter, a key contributor to its unique flavor.

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Is coconut oil healthier than dairy?

Coconut Oil vs. Dairy

Plain coconut oil can also be used as an easy dairy-free ghee and is a useful ingredient in vegan cooking and baking. Proponents praise the combination of fatty acids, which provide quick energy to the body and brain. Some studies indicate that it supports good cardiovascular health and supports good cholesterol.

As the demand for vegan and dairy-free products increases, the plant-based market continues to grow. Many consumers are replacing or supplementing their dairy intake with plant-based food and drink, primarily for its perceived health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits.

In contrast, the dairy industry is a leading contributor to climate change. It has also been linked to chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. In the U.S., dairy products are the main source of saturated fat in the typical North American diet.

Nutiva sells a variety of coconut oil products, including other butter-flavored varieties. Coconut oil is used in a variety of vegan dairy products, including butter and spreads, cheese, mayonnaise, and even ice cream.