Pamela Anderson Pleas for Kim Kardashian to ‘Swear Off Fur’ in Open Letter

Kim K fur-2

Pamela Anderson has published an open letter on her website addressed to Kim Kardashian trying to convince the reality star to ‘swea[r] off fur this winter.’

Anderson, who is well known for her affiliation with famous animal rights group PETA, believes that Kim would ‘be horrified’ by the conditions animals are kept in on fur farms. ‘Just last month,’ Anderson writes, ‘video footage from a fur farm in Poland revealed that foxes are being kept inside filthy, cramped, dark cages.

Kim is often pictured wearing fur and has received a great deal of criticism from the public. Although many people consume animal products, it is widely accepted that obtaining fur isn’t ethical. As such, fur-free fashion has been growing in popularity over the past few years and even big brands have been taking a stance against it recently. Last year Armani announced that it was going fur free and Calvin Klein declared themselves fur free as early as 1994.

In attempt to further convince Kim to ditch the fur, Anderson refers to America’s first lady Melania Trump who ‘recently swore off fur.’ Similarly Gisele Bündchen posed for the front cover of Vogue earlier this year, wearing fake fur and holding a baby Kangaroo in order to make a statement against the fur industry.

In her letter, Anderson claims that ‘[t]imes are changing,’ and suggests that Kim would be ‘praised’ if she took Anderson’s advice. ‘You know I love you,’ Anderson says ‘and you can be a hero for animals as well as a great example to all your beautiful followers.’

Anderson made headlines earlier this year after she challenged the Mayor of Jacksonville to take on a vegan challenge and he responded accepting.

As yet it’s unclear whether Kim will respond to the letter, or whether she will indeed ditch fur, but it’s possible she’s more likely to listen to Pamela Anderson than she is to the many critics who have commented on her use of fur in the past.

Image credit: Bravo TV