Vegan Queen Pamela Anderson On Making Plant-Based Diets Easy

Pamela Anderson, well-known celebrity and a long-time vegan activist, recently challenged the Mayor of America’s fattest city, Mississippi, to go vegan. Mayor Lumumba accepted the challenge and nice-gal Pammy, with the support of PETA, is giving the Mayor free lunches for a week after being so impressed with his commitment to go vegan for a month.

Pammy has also been in the news this year after launching her vegan shoe line, opening a vegan restaurant in France then opting out less then 2 weeks after it opened, and blogging about her lifestyle. Alongside other animal rights activists and passionate vegans, Pamela strongly advocates for a plant-based lifestyle. As she explains in the GentleBarn video, Anderson knows from first-hand experience just how easy it can be to live, and love, a plant-based lifestyle.

Anderson says in the video, “I chose a plant-based diet because I wanted to be healthy. But I think the main reason that I did it was factory farming.” Factory farming is a large part of the agriculture industry and the more Pamela found out about it, the more she realised how “cruel it is to eat meat.” Pamela also talks about how factory farming is the leading cause of “our biggest issue”, climate change.

During the video, Anderson gives a brief overview of protein; a hang up for many curious non vegans. “People put a lot of emphasis on protein,” she saysAdding that people don’t realise that large amounts of protein consumption may not be as essential as you think. She explains, “I don’t think I ever get tired, and I should be tired, I have two kids and I’m a single mom. Lots of animals roaming around, lots of things I’m doing and travelling and I’m usually the last one that falls, I’ve got a lot of energy.” 


Pamela said she realises that society has created the concept in people’s minds that meat consumption is a normal and necessary part of life. She also says that people don’t even see animals as living beings. However, Anderson says it is so lovely to see animals at ‘Gentle Farms’ where they are happy, free and in “wonderful places”.

We thank Pammy for using her influence to do work that makes a difference and for choosing ‘a plant-based diet for compassion!”

Image Credit: Celebrity News