Papa John’s Is Launching Vegan Spicy Cheese Pizzas

Papa John’s Is Launching Vegan Spicy Cheese Pizzas

Papa John’s is launching vegan chili cheese pizzas in the UK.

Instagram account @vegan_food_uk posted about the upcoming launch last week. According to the photo, the new pizza features an Amarillo chili base, dairy-free cheese, red peppers, onions, jalapeño, green peppers, and green chilis. The launch date has not been announced.

Papa John’s Vegan Menu Success

In early 2019, Papa John’s UK launched vegan cheese pizzas. The first options—three pizzas and Marmite scrolls—featured Bute Island Foods’ award-winning dairy-free cheese, “Sheese.” According to Papa John’s UK, options nearly sold out across all 350 locations on the first day. The chain has expanded its vegan menu considerably since the first launch, adding new sides, pizzas, and dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

In January, the company hired London-based blogger Clare Everly, author of “The Little London Vegan” as a temporary “Chief Vegan Officer“.

Everly wrote on Instagram that she’ll work with the company for six months to develop new items. “I’ll be the eyes and ears for the company, keeping them up to date with all of the latest trends and developments from the vegan world,” she added.

New launches since Everly’s hiring include a breakfast pizza.

While the vegan menu is a hit in the UK, the chain has not launched options in the US. One hundred Chilean locations added two plant-based pizzas in February, featuring meatless sausage made by food technology brand, The NotCo. and dairy-free cheese from California-based brand Follow Your Heart.

vegan menu pizza hut
Pizza Hut UK offers a three-course vegan menu.

Pizza Hut and Domino’s ‘Go Vegan’

Competitor chain Pizza Hut launched a vegan menu in the UK in 2017. It has since added sides and desserts, including meat-free Quorn chicken nuggets and dairy-free cheesecake. Its pizzas are topped with dairy-free Greek brand Violife’s cheese shreds. Pizza Hut also offers vegan options in Australia; it trialed Beyond Meat toppings in Shanghai earlier this year.

After months of rumors, Domino’s UK launched vegan pizza earlier this month.

“Our vegan offering has been a while coming because we’re determined to make sure it’s full of our iconic Domino’s flavour,” Aman Prasher, Domino’s chief vegan dough developer, said in a statement. “We might not be first but we’re always the best – no compromises.”