Pay-What-You-Can Vegan Restaurant Opens With ‘Good Vibes Only’ Policy

North Charleston, South Carolina, saw the opening of a new restaurant toward the end of last year. The restaurant is 100% vegan and has a unique twist: it uses a ‘pay what you can’ scheme for customers.

The eatery, named ‘Dell’z on the Macon’, serves up pizzas, salads, hearty nourish bowls, smoothies and juices, plant-packed nachos, ‘uncheese’ cake, and more. Smarel Nicole operates the pay-what-you-can-style, or “everybody eats” restaurant. She is the daughter of Maudell ‘Dell’ Grayson, who owns the fully vegetarian ‘Dell’z Uptown’ restaurant. The family-owned Dell’z Restuarant Group, LLC, is planning to open their third restaurant later this year.

Nicole told Eater that “soul food began with healthy eating. Good food is good food.” Dell’z on the Macon have teamed up with local non-profit organization Metanoia, to allow customers to choose the price they pay for their meal. Each portion remains the same regardless of what amount can or cannot be paid. That’s not all – the restaurant offers a pay it forward scheme, where customers can prepay for a person-in-need’s meal.

The restaurant describes it as “a community cafe in partnership with Metanoia. The focus on this Dellz location is building community through food, alchemy and culture.” They’re open daily from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., except Sundays.

The vibe is “good” only, with a vibrant and comfortable feel. Perfect for meeting or working with similar-minded people and friends. The building has an ample-sized window, facing the sidewalk to allow natural light to accentuate the color-packed decor. An inclusive community table is situated in the center of the room, with short round coffee tables, high-top window seats, and a cushioned bench accompanying the floor space.

In addition to the welcoming, kind-hearted mood of the eatery, a floral mural on the wall reads “Niam N Goura”, meaning “Eat to Live”. Nature’s medicine is plant-based, after all.

Image Credit: Leslie Ryann McKellar via Eater