PCRM Launches Vegan Nutrition App for Medical Professionals


A new vegan nutrition app just launched to allow medical professionals mobile access to a comprehensive clinical reference manual, “The Nutrition Guide for Clinicians.” The guide offers evidence-based, clinical-level vegan nutrition information to support the prevention and treatment of nearly one hundred diseases.

The hard copy was originally penned by Dr. Neal Barnard, a plant-based clinician, researcher, best-selling author, and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The app represents the third edition of this manual, which was first released in 2007. Dr. Barnard and PCRM recognized the gap in nutrition education among medical students and professionals and created the guide to fill this void. According to PCRM, over half of medical students feel their nutrition education is “inadequate,” and few residents, fellows, and other clinicians are “comfortable with managing their patients’ nutrition problems.” 

The guide addresses a number of common diseases and conditions through the lens of plant-based nutrition. The comprehensive information includes risk factors, diagnoses, traditional treatments, and suggested dietary changes for ailments ranging from Alzheimer’s to type-2 diabetes. The app also includes detailed information on general nutrition, macro and micronutrients, and nutritional requirements for every age.

Dr. Barnard emphasized that ‘The Nutrition Guide for Clinicians’ “fills a crucial need for medical students and practicing clinicians—it provides the nutrition information that is the key to tackling diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and dozens of other conditions but is underemphasized in medical schools.” The goal is to change doctors’ perspectives in regards to prevention and treatment options. Instead of prescribing pills or surgery, PCRM hopes professionals will consult this guide first and use plant-based food as medicine.

With the app, PCRM is able to expand the guide’s distribution throughout the medical field, as well as make the information more accessible to professionals on the spot. Dr. Barnard explained, “The new Nutrition Guide for Clinicians app puts detailed nutrition education into every white coat pocket.”

PCRM is a nonprofit organization of twelve thousand medical professionals dedicated to promoting preventative medicine and plant-based clinical studies. It traverses the medical, corporate, and political worlds to establish plant-based policies that will lead to improved worldwide health and end animal suffering.

Image Credit: PCRM.