You Have to Make This Peanut Butter Veggie Stir Fry Recipe

You Have to Make This Peanut Butter Veggie Stir Fry Recipe

Peanut butter and veggies go together like… salt and pepper. Honestly, to me, peanut butter is even better in savory dishes than in sweet ones! Peanut butter adds the perfect flavoring to an already tasty dish.

Unpopular opinion? Maybe…

This veggie stir fry features a number of healthy vegetables! It features asparagus, corn spears, bell peppers, cashews, onions, red cabbage, and much more! But you can always throw in whatever vegetables you have handy at home.

The tasty sauce features peanut butter, vegan chicken broth, tamari, and sriracha. (My mouth is watering already just thinking about this dish.)

This peanut butter veggie delight stir fry is simple, yet oh, so satisfying. It’s colorful and tasty—your whole family is sure to enjoy it. I hope you like it!


Additional Recipes

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You can also try this spicy tofu and meaty mushroom vegan Korean BBQ stir-fry. This recipe incorporates sweet and savory flavors and features a zesty kick to tantalize your taste buds. The protein-packed recipe features a number of healthy vegetables. It is the perfect dish to meal prep with because you can make it in large batches to be eaten throughout the week.

For a unique take on a classic stir-fry, try making this Mexican stir-fry recipe! According to the recipe’s author, it is a delicious “mashup of two takeout classics: fajitas and stir-fried rice.” The meal is super easy to make and is perfect for any occasion. You can whip it up using fresh produce or frozen vegetables, microwaveable rice, or cooked rice. No matter which way you choose to make it.

This recipe was republished with permission from Everyday Vegan Food.