Dairy-Free Cookie Company Fat Badger Bakery Ditched Eggs To Go Vegan For Its Customers

Fat Badger Bakery

One Pennsylvania-based bakery, which specializes in small-batch cookies, is ditching eggs and going vegan.

After first experimenting with dairy-free goodies in 2014, as part of the Nomoo Cookie Company, the bakery noticed that vegan cookies were a hit, with customers requesting more. Nomoo Cookie Company, now rebranded as the Fat Badger Bakery, says, “all we care about is baking the tastiest vegan cookies.” 

Made with the finest, locally-sourced, natural ingredients, the cookies are all vegan action certified, non-GMO project verified, and kosher parve. The company also promises that all its products are completely free from preservatives, hydrogenated trans fats, artificial colors or flavors, and other “obscure chemicals.”

Gretchen Doosa, the bakery’s General Manager, explained to Speciality Food, “An important component of our transition was verifying our cookies with The Non-GMO Project. We’re committed to baking with the same great ingredients we use in our own home kitchens…It should be easy for consumers to know what’s in their food and how it’s made.”

There are plenty of substitutes which can replace eggs, making vegan baking accessible to all. Most supermarkets across the globe now stock egg replacers, such as Ener-G Egg ReplacerOrgan No-Egg Replacer or Follow Your Heart VeganEgg. Alternatively, mashed banana, aquafaba (chickpea water), and chia and flax seeds mixed with water makes an effective replacement for eggs.

Fat Badger Bakery offers a “ravenously veganline-up which appeals to vegans and non-vegans alike. Ticking the childhood classics box, favorites such as Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar, and Oatmeal Chip are available. More adventurous customers can also try the Toasted Coconut, Vanilla Bean or Sweet Raspberry cookies, or – ideal for those with a sweet-tooth – the Chocolate Sea Salt or Chocolate Mint cookies.

The bakery’s cookies are available online throughout the U.S. and can be ordered by the dozen. Individually wrapped cookies can also be bought at health food stores and chains including MOM’s Natural Market.

Fat Badger Bakery is excited to expand its retail presence and distribution capacity this year.

Image credit: Fat Badger Bakery