People In The UK Are Now Eating 50 Percent Less Beef

According to a new report by ReportLinker, folks in the UK are eating half the beef and veal they did in 1975, with a steady decrease almost every single year since then. In addition to this, the report showed that sales of vegetables and bags of mixed vegetables have steadily increased.

ReportLinker, a market research company, has compiled these figures which show that more people are getting protein and other nutrients from plant based sources.

It goes on to explain: “Household expenditures on Soya and other novel protein products have shot up significantly since the mid-1990s compared to what they were in previous times and are forecasted to remain right around current levels through 2020.”

Beef, as a red meat, has been specifically avoided as the health risks have become increasingly publicized and accessible these days. ReportLinker explains:

Getting away from heavy red meat consumption in today’s world is important for health in a number of ways. To begin, too much modern red meat is sourced from corn-fed cattle. These cattle are sick due to their unnatural corn-based diets and to the fact that they are often kept under unhealthy conditions on factory farms. Ultimately, this sickness and the artificial chemicals from the animals get passed along to human consumers.”

Less beef and veal consumption means fewer cows impregnated, fewer cows brought into the world to be slaughtered. Factory farming won’t instantly stop overnight. It’s through reducing meat consumption, like this, that change can really be made.

ReportLinker end on a positive note — if you’re not a meat producer and seller, that is. “When all is said and done, producers and sellers of vegetables and plant-based protein products ought to be in for some great years to come!”