PG Tips to Launch Tea Designed for Vegan Milk

UK brand PG Tips, manufactured by Unilever, has announced the launch of a tea bag made especially for vegan milk.

The new item was “specifically designed to be used with plant-based milk”, according to an article by Veggie Athletic, and is said to be the first of its kind.

The innovative product is titled ‘Perfect With Dairy Free’ and was created for tea-lovers who prefer to go without cow’s milk.

A PG Tips spokesperson told Veggie Athletic: “When the PG tips team spoke to tea drinkers and heard that they weren’t able to get their hands on a tasty cuppa if they drink dairy alternatives, the PG tips master tea blender, Joyce, got hard to work.

“She tasted teas from over 20 origins in hundreds of different combinations. The result: a new truly tasty tea.”

Veggie Athletic noted that the move is likely to “win [PG Tips] popularity points with vegans across the country”.

It has been said that the United Kingdom consumes the third-largest amount of tea in the world, however, the number of those choosing to ditch dairy milk is ever-growing.

Recent data showed that almost 30% of Britain wants to give up cheese and dairy milk in 2018. As well as this, a non-vegan company recently named plant milk “the future of milk”. Further, the market forecast for vegan milk is set to exceed $34 billion by 2024.

The innovative product will launch on March 5th, and is set to retail at £2.60 for 70 bags.

Image Credit: PG Tips