Philadelphia Company Set to Open a ‘Vegan Starbucks’

Batter & Crumb, a Philadelphia-based, vegan baking company, is entering the world of cafés with what they call a “vegan Starbucks.”  The company, which is known throughout the city for its delectable, egg- and dairy-free desserts, want to expand the already rich “veganscape” of Philadelphia.

The new shop would be based in South Philadelphia at 1401 Reed Street. The 16-seat space would carry coffee, tea and sandwiches, as most Starbucks and cafés do. Additionally, it would offer Batter & Crumb desserts like brownies, cupcakes, pies, and cakes, which can be found at select locations around Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. The owners, John Schultz and Paul Carmine, are hoping to open this new coffee shop in the summer.

The couple went vegan 9 years ago but have had their fair share of struggles with giving up animal products, such as half and half in coffee. However, through their efforts to veganize their lives, they also found a talent, passion, and business venture in vegan baked goods. Their website guarantees that they use no eggs or dairy in any of their products. They’re also available both gluten-free and nut-free. And as far as butter is concerned, they go with Earth Balance, which they say they love because it has no trans fats and tastes great.

Eater wrote on the pair, “After a few years as a bakery providing local restaurants with dairy-free, egg-free sweets and filling individual delivery orders, Batter & Crumbs has developed a fan following among Philly vegans and Carmine and Schultz feel they’re ready for a brick and mortar shop.”

Carmine feels quite ready for the next step in their business careers. “We envision a vegan Starbucks of sorts,” he said. While Starbucks has a fair share of vegan options, it has never publicly identified itself as a vegan heavy café. Unfortunately, Schultz and Carmine’s current space is far from ready, meaning that the team will have a ton of work to do before a summer opening. The every day, hardworking, busy vegans (and non-vegans) of Philadelphia may have a new spot to hit every morning. In Philadelphia’s ever-expanding network of vegan shops, Butter & Crumbs’ new café is sure to be a welcome addition.