Pitbull's Burger Chain Just Launched Vegan Beyond Burgers
Miami Grill is trialing the Beyond Burger
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Pitbull’s burger chain Miami Grill is launching its first vegan burger.

The meaty fast-casual burger chain — which lists rapper Pitbull as a key equity partner — is currently testing Beyond Meat’s “bleeding” plant-based patty at select locations.

Initially, just one restaurant was trialing the Beyond Burger. Due to customer demand, the chain has now rolled the vegan patty out to six more locations.

“We started testing the Beyond Burger at one of our corporate-owned restaurants and customer reactions and comments around the taste and texture of this revolutionary product exceeded our initial expectations, so we quickly added six additional testing locations,” said Jonathan H. Vogel, Miami Grill’s chief operating officer, in a statement.

He added, “it’s quite clear that there’s real excitement surrounding plant-based burgers.”

‘A Revolutionary Product’

Pitbull's Burger Chain Just Launched Vegan Beyond Burgers
The Beyond Burger is a ‘revolutionary product,’ says Miami Grill | @vurgerguyz

The pea protein-based Beyond Burger is more environmentally-friendly than its beef counterpart. It uses 99 percent less water, 93 percent less land, 46 percent less energy, and emits 90 percent fewer greenhouse gases than a traditional beef quarter pounder.

As consumers learn more about the environmental impact of meat, more and more are seeking out plant-based options. The Beyond Burger is now available in supermarkets, restaurant chains, and fast-food joints around the world. Most recently, sandwich chain Subway announced it was adding a vegan Beyond Meat meatball marinara sub to its menu at 685 locations.

Regarding the brand’s latest partnership with Miami Grill, Tim Smith — Beyond Meat’s VP of Foodservice Sales — said, “we know consumers are increasingly looking for more diverse protein options and we’re excited to partner with Miami Grill to offer the Beyond Burger on their menus. Together, we look forward to bringing this revolutionary product to all Miami Grill customers.”

Founded in 1980, Miami Grill — formerly named Miami Subs Grill — now has 31 locations across the U.S. Pitbull — whose hit songs include “Timber” and “Hotel Room Service” — became a joint-equity stakeholder in the Miami Subs Grill franchise in 2012. “It was a pivotal point in the Miami Grill brand evolution,” states the chain on its website.

The specific restaurants set to serve the new vegan burger option have not yet been revealed.

Pitbull's Burger Chain Just Launched Vegan Beyond Burgers
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Pitbull's Burger Chain Just Launched Vegan Beyond Burgers
Pitbull's meat-focused burger chain Miami Grill -- which has 31 locations across the U.S. -- has added the vegan "bleeding" Beyond Burger to its menu.
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