Pizza Hut Adds Vegan Sausage to the Menu

Pizza Hut Adds Vegan Sausage to the Menu

Pizza Hut just added vegan sausage made by Beyond Meat to its US. menus, becoming the first-ever pizza company to offer plant-based meat toppings nationwide.

The new Beyond Pan Pizzas range includes the Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza and the Great Beyond Pizza. The former features Pizza Hut’s classic dairy cheese pizza topped with Beyond Italian Sausage crumbles. While the latter also comes with fresh vegetable toppings such as tomatoes, sliced red onions, and tangy banana peppers. Beyond Italian Sausage is also available as an additional topping on customizable pizzas, including the stuffed crust.

“Our partnership with Pizza Hut is a category first,” said Ethan Brown, CEO and Founder of Beyond Meat, in a press release sent to LIVEKINDLY. “Together we will continue to raise the bar on game changing product innovations as we introduce the delicious taste of Beyond Meat products to pizza fans nationwide.”

Beyond Meat has been producing its distinctive blend of plant-based protein since 2009. The California-based company specializes in vegan meat with comparable taste, texture, and nutrition to traditional animal products. But with a reduced impact on the environment. As with other recent fast-food options, the combination of plant-based protein with animal products is designed to appeal to flexitarian customers who wish to reduce their overall consumption of meat.

“I’d challenge anyone to go try the new Beyond Pan Pizza and tell the difference. I shared it with friends and family, and they couldn’t,” said David Graves, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut. “The Beyond Italian sausage is rich, juicy, and has the signature Pizza Hut flavors—pizza lovers everywhere are going to love it.”

Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat Around the World

The brand has also confirmed that from today, Pizza Hut UK customers will be able to order Beyond Meat pizzas from select restaurants throughout London. UK restaurants also offer plant-based cheese, pepperoni, and other vegan-friendly options, meaning that customers can combine Beyond Sausage with dairy-free cheese for a fully plant-based pizza.

Beyond Meat has become a dominant presence in the global fast-food market. The plant-based meat producer also already partnered with Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC—all Yum! Brands subsidiaries—in China. Previously, Pizza Hut added Beyond Sausage toppings in Puerto Rico, where meat and beef, in particular, form a central part of the average national diet.

In the US, Beyond is working with KFC to produce vegan chicken products. Yesterday, fast-food brand McDonald’s announced that it would be launching a plant-based patty next year. McDonald’s branches in Ontario first trialed a Beyond Meat-produced “P.L.T.” back in 2019.

“We’re thrilled to be on this journey with Pizza Hut that enables us to further increase access to better-for-you plant-based meat as we continue to expand our partnership with Yum! Brands,” said Brown.

The new Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza and Great Beyond Pizza are available at Pizza Hut restaurants across the US for a limited time and while supplies last. The chain currently offers contactless delivery, carryout, and curbside pickup.