Pizza Hut Confirms Vegan Cheese is Permanently on the Menu

Pizza Hut has officially announced that vegan cheese will be available nationwide in the UK as of today!

In September the pizza chain told customers that they would be trialing vegan cheese in a select few stores in the south of the UK. The demand for the pizzas would dictate whether or not the addition was permanent, they said.

It appears that the trial was successful as they will now be offering vegan cheese on their pizzas across the UK. Pizza Hut had been offering vegan cheese in five pizza hut restaurants since 2nd October.

The trial saw vegan company Coffee & Cheese encourage people to go and buy vegan pizzas from the global brand. They took to their blog saying ‘We are all together in this. We can change things, if we work together, as a community. There’s no one man show in big changes. We believe in what we’re doing and are working hard or it…But…We couldn’t be doing it without you.’

‘With a vegan crust, delicious Violife cheese, and a ton of veggie toppings available, Pizza Hut has the opportunity to become a hot spot for people looking to reduce their contribution to animal suffering and environmental destruction as well as to improve their own health,’ a PETA spokesperson says. ‘Yes, the reports are true,’ confirms Gareth Hopley, Head of Communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants.

‘After an amazing customer response to our vegan cheese trial earlier this year, we’re pleased to announce that the dairy-free alternative will now be served in all of our restaurants nationwide and feature as a permanent fixture on our menus. ‘We’re excited that all of our cheese-loving vegan customers will be able to grab a slice of the action and no longer have to miss out – we can’t wait to hear their thoughts!’


Pizza Hut will be offering violife cheese on top of their pizzas for an extra £1, and you can enjoy vegan pizza on either of their standard bases although they advise that gluten-free bases are not vegan and contain egg.