Pizza Hut to Begin Offering Vegan Cheese!

Popular plant-based retailer, Coffee & Cheese, have announced that they’ve convinced Pizza Hut to trial vegan cheese, with a view to including it on their menu permanently. A selection of UK stores will use violife cheese on top of their pizzas for several weeks and demand will dictate whether the addition will be on their menu in the long term.

If the Italian chain chooses to add vegan cheese to it’s menu, it would join the popular Zizzi which not only offers cheesy pizzas but boasts an entire vegan menu including Vegan Dessert Calzone! Many other smaller chains also give customers the option to include vegan cheese on top of their pizza, as veganism is becoming more popular in the UK and has moved away from it’s associations with junk-food-free diets.

Coffee & Cheese are calling on people to make an effort to visit one of the five pizza hut stores across Kent and West Sussex between 2nd October and 26th November, when pizza hut will trial violife. ‘We are all together in this,’ says Coffee & Cheese. ‘We can change things, if we work together, as a community. There’s no one man show in big changes. We believe in what we’re doing and are working hard or it…But…We couldn’t be doing it without you.’

The vegan company advises customers to head into Pizza Hut and ask for a vegan pizza during the eight week trial to prove to Pizza Hut just how high the demand for vegan pizza is. They do advise, however, that although standard bases in Pizza Hut are vegan, gluten free bases contain egg.

Pizza Hut’s rivals Dominos don’t even offer vegan bases at their stores, so including vegan cheese on the menu permanently would likely receive high praise from many plant-based eaters across the UK.

Pizza Hut’s decision to even trial vegan cheese is a positive step forward, showing that the chain accepts that veganism is becoming a mainstream ideology.

Perhaps vegans could convince them to start stocking dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s too?

Image credit: Planet OrganicVegan Food & Living | Pizza Hut