Plant Based Diet Ranks as a Top Google Search for Canadians

According to Google’s top-trending searches survey for this year, Canada is getting curious about the plant-based diet.

570 News has reported that two of the ‘biggest search surges’ in the ‘Kitchen’ category were for plant based diets and also apple cider vinegar. While the vegan lifestyle has been notably gaining traction in the US, Canada doesn’t always appear to be in on the hype but this new survey suggests that Canadians are keen to learn about veganism.

Canada has had some notable moments in veganism this year. Most recently, their largest meat producer acquired Field Roast, a popular vegan brand, for a huge $120M. The news was met with mixed views with some consumers being concerned about spending their hard-earned dollars on Field Roast, only for it to end up in the pockets of the meat industry. However, many took the news as a positive, believing that if even meat producers want to invest in veganism, it must be a movement that’s here to stay.

In less controversial news, Canada couldn’t get enough vegan cheese this year, with the biggest ever vegan cheese festival the country has seen selling out.

Canada also learned last month that 70 Cinnaholic stores are set to open across the country. Cinnaholic is a vegan cinnamon roll chain based in California, which has proved very popular.

With Canadian’s googling the plant-based diet more than ever before, who knows which exciting new vegan products Canada will see in 2018.