Newly ‘Plant-Based Papi’ Drake Hailed ‘Kale God’ on Toronto Billboard

Newly ‘Plant-Based Papi’ Drake Hailed ‘Kale God’ on Toronto Billboard

In light of Drake’s recent statement suggesting he’s gone plant based or vegetarian, a Toronto-based restaurant chain has constructed a billboard to commemorate the music artist’s new lifestyle change. The billboard features Drake’s latest album artwork, two clasped hands, with the addition of a kale leaf and the text, “Kale God.”

Drake set the plant-based world buzzing when he recently made a comment on the gaming network, Twitch, saying, “I don’t eat meat anymore.” Freshii, a health-centered and vegetarian fast-casual concept, may be the most excited about the announcement.

Freshii plastered several billboards across Toronto to applaud Drake’s new vegetarian commitment. The chain also created a single page website, Kale God, which includes a friendly letter to the musician. The letter opens with, “Drake, we hear you’ve gone meatless. HYRF.”

Freshii’s letter continues to establish rapport with Drake, writing, “As Freshii’s Lead Nutritionist and fellow meat-free Torontonian, I know the transition takes some getting used to. Nobody becomes a kale god overnight.” This statement is followed by a list of transition tips, in addition to citing the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

“You’ll see gains in the gym, I promise…Meat doesn’t equal muscle.” Further, “You’ll have energy. Just think of all the nutrients you’ll be getting from those plant-based proteins, veggies, and fruits. U with me?”

The author also warns Drake about the initial pushback he may receive as a kale god. “Look alive,” the writer cautions. “You’ll get a ton of questions about where you get your protein from. But here’s the thing. Meatless options like tofu, beans, quinoa, hemp seeds, and chia seeds will be the best protein powerhouses you’ve ever had.” 

The letter concludes with words of encouragement. “Know yourself. There’s no one-size fits all approach when it comes to a vegetarian diet. Try new things and new flavors. Experiment. Find your (meat-free) love.” 

The advice given in this letter can apply to anyone curious about adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet. Although Drake may be one of the most famous, everyone has the power to be kale god by adopting a plant-based diet.

Image Credit: Drake via Instagram