Plant-Based Milk Brand Oatly Debuts Vegan Ice Cream Truck in Stockholm

Plant-Based Milk Brand Oatly Debuts Vegan Ice Cream Truck in Stockholm

On Tuesday morning, vegan milk company Oatly discreetly opened its first vegan ice cream truck up to the public in Stockholm. The mission? To deliver free scoops of its new plant-based ice cream flavors.

“This post is rather unfair to anyone not currently in Stockholm but sometimes that happens,” the company wrote in an Instagram post. “Anyway, if you are in Stockholm, you might be interested in this ice cream truck providing complimentary cones and cups of our 100 percent new and all-vegan Really Posh Salty Caramel Hazelnut and Very Fancy Double Chocolate Fudge ice cream. You could also try the newish Totally Basic Chocolate, the semi-new Quite Ordinary Strawberry or the almost new Pretty Average Vanilla.”

“That’s of course totally up to you,” the company continued before revealing that the exact location of the free Oatly vegan ice cream was a secret. “…but you are going to have to find this truck first, so good luck with that one. No one said things should be easy.”

OATLY – это шведская компания, которая делает молочку для веганов и веганок. В Финляндии их реклама на каждом шагу, они там супир популярны! В России они тоже есть – в Питере в @b12veganshop (390₽) и, наверное, в других веганских магазинах, о которых мы не знаем ⠀ Но будет ещё круче, если Не молоко выпустят свою морожку, потому что тогда будет намного дешевле и доступнее ЖДЕМ! ⠀ А мороженое очень вкусное, и вы ни за что не отличите его от обычного (отвечаю!) Я попробовала двойной шоколад. Есть ещё ванильное, с соленой карамелью и орехами, с клубникой ААА ВСЕ ХОЧУ!! И цена в Европе адекватная ~200₽ ⠀ Жду нашей следующей поездки в Европку, чтобы объесться этого мороженого (за 390 много не съешь)!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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The company’s announcement was bombarded with posts from fans around the globe, who expressed a mixture of excitement and frustration over the mystery surrounding the vegan ice cream truck’s location and the fact that Oatly vegan ice cream had yet to come to their countries. Some jokingly took it as an opportunity to travel for vegan ice cream. “Ok ok I understand, you’re saying book your next holiday to Sweden, Norway, and Finland to try out your new ice cream and wait patiently for it to come to the UK. I better start looking for flights ASAP. ??,” wrote one fan.

Oatly’s vegan ice cream truck isn’t alone in dishing out scoops of dairy-free ice cream. Earlier this month, the Veganuary campaign tweeted a photo that showed a vegan ice cream cone by Swedish Glace on the side of a British ice cream truck. Los Angeles-based company The Frozen Fruit Co plans on launching a vegan ice cream truck this summer and the vegan-friendly Van Leeuwen dishes out scoops of its vegan coconut-cashew-based ice cream out of its ice cream trucks.

Image Credit: Oatly