Plant Based Meal Planner Tool Created to Help Vegans on a Budget

Have you taken the Veganuary pledge (it’s not too late to sign up now if you haven’t) or maybe just decided you’re going to eat less dairy and meat this year? Are you feeling concerned about how much your new lifestyle is going to cost? You need not look any further than the online resource, Plant-Based on a Budget.

Founded by public speaker Toni Okamoto and photographer Michelle Cehn, the tool was launched last year and aims to counteract the common belief that going vegan is an expensive lifestyle.

The pair write on their website, ‘Does spending as little as $3 a day on all your food sound too good to be true? Believe it. This meal plan has helped countless people save thousands of dollars a year, while also saving their health, the planet and animals.’

The first meal plan has been designed to feed one person 3 meals a day for a week and costs just $5. It also comes with a shopping list and recipes in addition to the full 7-day meal plan. Following this, you can choose to opt for another week plan or even try out the month bundle if you wish which costs $25 and includes snacks.

The online project has received great reviews, with one customer stating, ‘these meal plans have helped me out tremendously. After taking a pay cut to start my dream career, I’ve had to start budgeting better and only have $50 leftover per pay check for food. I’m so glad I found your site and I greatly appreciate all the work you put into this.’

Image Credit: Plant-Based on a Budget