Plant Based Brand ‘Vitasoy’ Add Two New Vegan Milks to Range

Popular plant based milk company, Vitasoy, have announced the introduction of two more plant milks to their current range. Vitasoy claim that this addition is in response to a growing number of consumers choosing plant milks over dairy, a trend that’s expected to continue.

As part of their Growing Milk since 1940 campaign, Vitasoy have released Almond Milky and Coconut Milky. The products have been created for people who wanted a different texture to their plant milks. Both new products are a good source of calcium, with one glass of the almond milk providing a third of the daily requirements for the vitamin. The new products are currently available across Australia, and a packaging refresh of their longstanding products is expected to follow shortly.

The Growing Milk since 1940 campaign is not only a celebration of the company’s long running successes creating plant milk, but also aims to recognise the diversity of plant milk. Studies have indicated that Australian’s are becoming more health conscious, and this is expected to drive sales of plant milks into 2022 and beyond. Plant milks boast a variety of different health benefits, including essential vitamins and minerals, and reduced saturated fat.

Many cafes in Australia have reported that cow’s milk is slowly ending it’s reign as the ‘default’ milk option, and many people across the country are choosing plant milk in their coffee, even if they don’t follow a vegan diet.

Chris Gillard, General Manager at Vitasoy has high hopes for the future of the plant milk market. ‘We’re enormously excited about the new creative platform for Vitasoy,’ says Gillard. ‘From the outset, we wanted to step change the way consumers appraise the category in order to accelerate penetration – we’ve even gone so far as to overtly call out the category as plant milk to connect our range of soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk and coconut milk with the fact that they are made from real plants.’

Vitasoy increasing the number of plant milk options available to consumers is a positive sign for the future of plant milks, whilst also giving consumers more choice to find their perfect dairy replacement.