These Vegan Star Wars Shoes Are Made From Coconuts

Ethical footwear brand Po-Zu is taking steps to be more sustainable and cruelty-free, adding more vegan styles to its “Star Wars” collection.

Sneakers, flats, runners, and traditional walking and winter boots are included in the Star Wars range, which offers designs inspired by the franchise for men, women, and children for everyday wear or for cosplay. The new vegan additions, which include Rey and Kylo Ren sneakers, are made with natural latex and coconut husk.

Other vegan designs include R2-D2 sneakers, low-cut Porg sneakers, and Chewbacca-inspired Ugg boots. The latter features faux fur, a flexible natural rubber sole, and a built-in, shock-absorbing “foot-mattress.”

New vegan boots inspired by Rey’s mid-calf boot are also available, made with linen, cork, organic cotton canvas, natural latex, and coconut husk.

“As a lifelong vegetarian, I am passionate about delivering footwear that is sustainable, cruelty-free yet doesn’t come at the cost of our planet,” Po-Zu’s founder Sven Segal recently told Fashion United. The brand is set to release its first 100 percent vegan Mainline collection in the fall.

“We are very excited to be integrating more and more vegan offerings at Po-Zu. To have a 100 percent fully vegan Mainline collection for AW19 is a landmark for us,” Segal added.

Vegan Shoes Stepping Into the Mainstream

According to its website, Po-Zu strives to produce shoes “that are healthy for your feet, kind to the environment and safe for all our workers throughout the supply chain.” The company was even named the UK’s number one ethical shoe brand.

The brand uses wool and animal-based leather in some of its shoes but is increasingly moving toward innovative, vegan designs, as seen in the recent additions to its “Star Wars” collection.

The brand isn’t the first to create vegan products inspired by Star Wars. Artisan chocolatier Jon Good Chocolates makes vegan “Star Wars” chocolates in the shape of the Millennium Falcon and Star Fighters.

More people are using their dollar to support products that align with their values. According to recent research, 73 percent of Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

German company Thies also makes sustainable footwear out of vegan materials including organic cotton, cork, and recycled PET bottles, and Nat-2 makes sustainable vegan shoes with repurposed coffee grounds, wood, grass, and corn.