Polly Pocket Is A Vegan Now, According to Hot Topic

Polly Pocket is going vegan, thanks to American retail chain Hot Topic. The pop culture-focused company has launched a new range of 17 different products inspired by “The Tiny World of Polly Pocket,” including cruelty-free, vegan makeup.

The new collection – launched in honor of Polly Pocket’s 30th birthday – was made in collaboration with Mattel, the current supplier of the pocket-sized popular dolls and cases.

The new “not quite pocket sized” powder compact is the most like the original cases, complete with its own Polly inside as well as 3D furniture. Hot Topic notes on its website, “Polly Pocket started from a powder compact, and now she’s back to her makeup roots with this super cute eyeshadow palette!”

“The 10 shades, with a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, were all inspired by her classic pastel style,” the brand continues. “The brush has a removable silicone topper shaped like Polly. The packaging is designed to look like a Polly Pocket case.” 

The lip palette is also styled like “old school” Polly, with four different matte shades in a little pink case, finished with a bow.


Aside from cosmetics, Hot Topic’s new range includes vegan quilted crossbody bags (“for all your itty bitty things”), pop up brushes, wristlet wallets, mini backpacks, tank tops, socks, and even a heart-shaped key chain to “keep the keys to your tiny house.

Hot Topic isn’t the first to collaborate with Mattel to create nostalgic cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. At the end of last year, California-based cosmetics brand NCLA launched a Barbie-themed nineties-inspired beauty range. The iconic doll was created in 1959 by Ruth Handler, the co-founder of Mattel.

Named NCLA x Barbie, NCLA’s range includes everything from nail adhesives to matte lipstick to vitamin E-infused cuticle oil.

“The NCLA x Barbie Collection is everything you’ve ever dreamed of! Nostalgic of the 90s, this collection pays ode to your favorite icon,” NCLA stated when the range was released in November last year. “From the prints to the packaging, to the names, this collection will have you feeling totally Barbie!”

Everything from Hot Topic’s Polly Pocket collection is priced under £32 and is available from the chain’s website.