Warm Vegan Mushroom Salad With Dairy-Free Parmesan

Warm Vegan Mushroom Salad With Dairy-Free Parmesan

This salad is filled with nutrients, and is so very creamy and delicious. The mushrooms are the only cooked part of this recipe. Cooking mushrooms reduces their agaritine content. Agaritine is a carcinogenic substance that is radically reduced by cooking.

Instead of using dairy Parmesan, I have made Brazil Parmesan. Avoiding dairy is a great way to decrease the fat and cholesterol in your diet. You can read more about the harms of dairy products to our health here.

4 Amazing Nutrient-Rich Superstars of this Salad

  • Mushies: Mushrooms lower the risk of breast cancer, and boost the immune system due to their powerful phytochemical content.
  • B-nuts: Brazil nuts are wonderful for fulfilling your selenium needs. Only 2 Brazil nuts a day help vegans get all of their selenium, an important cancer-preventing mineral. Read more on that, and get more Brazil nut recipes, here.
  • Greens, greens, greens: I detail the magnificent health benefits of greens here. You’ve already fulfilled your selenium with this recipe, why not get some more minerals? Greens will help you do so.
  • Garlic: raw garlic has the power to prevent common colds, contains tons of minerals like manganese and B6, and can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

This recipe was republished with permission from Soul In the Raw.