Postmates Partners with Meatless Monday to Promote Vegan Options

Meatless Mondays Announces Partnership With Postmates to Fight Climate Change

US-based food delivery service Postmates has just announced a new partnership with the Meatless Monday campaign to make plant-based food more available to its customers. This news follows the company’s recent decision to permanently cease delivery of foie gras.

On the first Monday of each month (beginning today), vegan and vegetarian restaurants will be featured in an “Earth Day” category on the Postmates website and app, making vegan food delivery easier than ever. Postmates is the largest on-demand “delivery fleet” in the US, with more than 160,000 Postmates operating in over 50 metropolitan markets. The company’s new Earth Day category will alert more customers to the vegan options in their area. Meatless Monday delivery is expected to be an ongoing feature.

“On the first Monday of each month, Postmates provides meatless catering to employees in both our San Francisco headquarters and our Nashville Customer Service and Operations office. We are excited to amplify our own efforts to institute Meatless Monday by sharing great vegetarian and vegan restaurants with our customers,” said Disney Petit, Civic Labs Manager at Postmates. Petit highlighted that the initiative will “push the spirit of Earth Day forward as we work to reduce our impact on climate change.”

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The partnership between Postmates and Meatless Monday is just one of the many recent integrations between business and the plant-based marketplace. As more consumers grow aware of animal agriculture’s impact on the environment, their health, and animals, more consumers than ever before are electing to cut back on meat and dairy. In Hong Kong, where residents eat more meat per person than any other country in the world, the success of the Meatless Monday campaign inspired David Yeung to launch Green Mondays, an initiative that encourages people to eat more plant-based food.

Recent data from competitor food delivery service GrubHub shows that vegan orders are at an all-time high, particularly on Mondays. International delivery service Just Eat recently reported that plant-based food is among the most popular categories with Irish consumers. Fast-casual and fast food restaurants are also beginning to realize that vegan food is no longer the niche it once was. Data from FastCasual shows that more restaurants are scaling up vegan and vegetarian options in order to meet high consumer demand.