High Protein Vegan Snack Range Arrives at Primark

The UK’s Primark has upped its range of affordable vegan snacks; the huge chain store has taken a big step moving vegan convenience food mainstream.

The new snacks, Super Shots, are sold in Primark for just £1 and made by Irish-family owned brand Good4U. The family said: “[w]hen you think of Good4U we want you to think Charlie & Chocolate Factory, but the healthy version. We promise to make health foods that taste great without compromise.”

Super Shots are snack-sized packets that contain a balanced mix of nuts, seeds, pulses, dried fruit, coconut, oats and more goodness. The six-flavour range to choose from includes Smoky BBQ Crunch, Tandoori Crunch, Salt N’ Pepper, Coconut & Berry, Apple & Berry, Cocoa & Orange. Everything is high in fibre, high-protein, gluten-free, and has no added sugar – making Super Shots the perfect pre or post-workout fuel.

To help meet individual nutrition needs, the Good4U brand offers nutrition services, provides a wide range of free recipes to suit many different dietary requirements and meal categories. Their website even has a kids zone coming soon.

In addition to the Primark exclusive Super Shots – Good4U’s other healthy vegan snack options to choose from are Kids Energy Balls, Roasted Seeds, Fresh Sprouts, and Energy Balls. New vegans, veg-curious and snackaholics rejoice!

Image Credit: Good4U