Primark’s Own-Brand Cosmetics Line ‘PS…’ Is Now Cruelty-Free

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International retailer Primark has announced that cosmetics in its own-range brand of beauty products, “PS…” will no longer be tested on animals.

“We are proud to announce that own-brand cosmetics at Primark have been awarded coveted Leaping Bunny status by Cruelty Free International, the gold standard certification programme for products that are free from animal testing,” Primark wrote in a statement. Going forward, products in the PS… range, which includes makeupskincare, and haircare, will be certified cruelty-free.

Guaranteed Cruelty-Free

“Leaping Bunny accreditation at Primark means there’s now even more choice for people looking for affordable cosmetics on the high street that are not only guaranteed cruelty-free but also follow the latest trends and deliver as well as more expensive products,” Primark added. The retailer’s PS… line has been praised by beauty aficionados for delivering high-quality products at a low price.

“With over 2,500 products and 7,000 individual ingredients verified, the certification programme is one of the largest ever undertaken by Cruelty Free International,” Primark continued. The brand acknowledged that the move to make PS… products cruelty-free was sparked by a growing number of customers concerned with how their consumer choices affect animals. The brand has also committed to continuing to produce products while keeping people, other living creatures, and the planet in mind.

“We want to congratulate Primark for demonstrating it’s possible to bring high-quality cosmetics products to the high street without inflicting suffering on animals,” Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, told The Sun. “The Leaping Bunny makes it easy for customers to make an informed and ethical decision about their shopping.”

Support for Cosmetic Testing Bans

While cosmetic animal testing was once considered a necessity in order to ensure the safety of beauty products intended for humans, the public opinion has changed drastically in recent years. A recent survey revealed that nearly half of women support a cosmetic animal testing ban. Further, 620 MPs from the European Parliament have voiced their support

Nearly 40 countries across the globe have banned cosmetic animal testing, including the entirety of the European Union, and the number stands to grow pending legislation in other nations. Canada’s Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act (Bill S-214) was passed by the Senate last June and is set to move on for approval in the House of Commons. Earlier this month, Cruelty Free International announced a pilot program initiative that may see to an end to cosmetic animal testing in China, where it is required under current law.

Additionally, both New York and California are working towards passing measures that would enact a statewide ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. The Senate passed the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act (SB1249) in June and the legislation is now pending review by the Assembly.

Image Credit: Primark