Fresh Vegetable Program for Kids to Launch Vegan Lean Green Dad Recipe Video Series

Produce for Kids (PFK), a healthy family-friendly recipe site, has teamed up with Cory Warren’s vegan podcast and site “Lean Green Dad.” A bi-weekly livestream of Warren demonstrating fast and simple vegan recipes in a series titled “Cooking with Lean Green Dad” will feature on PFK’s Facebook page, broadcast to its 114,000 fans.

“In our digital community of more than 300,000 parents and families, we have seen first-hand a shift in family dynamic,” said PFK Vice President Trish James in a statement. “Each family is unique, and the majority of our society is not necessarily made up of the nuclear family of the past. We regularly have dads, grandparents, and guardians tapping into our outlets for information, and we want them to feel welcome in that space.”

“At a very basic level, I think we can all agree that eating more fresh fruits and veggies is a good thing,” added Warren who creates vegan meal plans for families.“Every parent wants what’s best for their family, but sometimes eating raw kale doesn’t work for kids and families. This show will help parents make healthy eating easy and fun while helping serve the PFK mission of supporting parents and families nationwide.”

Warren is the proponent of a vegan parenting summit featuring 30 experts in nutrition, childcare, raising vegan families, and more, due to take place from July 10 to July 16. The summit is free of charge and intends to offer aspiring vegan parents, plant-based families, and health-conscious families alike credible information and ideas to implement at home. Birthday parties, tips for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and supplements will all be addressed at the summit.

Shifting children’s diets to be more plant-based and have more of a focus on vegetables has been a widely discussed topic around the world recently. Schools in the UK may soon increase vegan lunch options as part of a new public campaign to overhaul unhealthy lunch agendas. And earlier this year, a report revealed nutrition guidelines for American children are “outdated” and should feature more vegan food.

Image credit: Produce for Kids