A Vegan Chocolate Ryan Gosling Is Finally Here

PSA: Ryan Gosling Is Actually Made Out Of Vegan Chocolate

Have you ever wished you could have your very own vegan chocolate Ryan Gosling? No? Oh, right. Me neither.

Just in case, Jen Lindsey-Clark, has created Gosling-inspired chocolate geese, complete with realistic carvings of the actor’s face and the body and feet of a goose. Obviously.

The Goslings are available in three types of Belgian chocolate: milk, white, and dark – the latter is vegan. They join Lindsey-Clark’s Benedict Cumberbatch-themed rabbits, or Cumberbunnies, which have been “delighting” chocolate-lovers for years, the Worthing Herald reports.

“I always wanted to do a sequel to the Cumberbunnies, but it was all about finding the right combination of fun character and suitable animal name,” said the 39-year-old artist and former pastry chef to the newspaper. “Gosling fitted nicely, plus who doesn’t like Ryan Gosling? They’re tasty in more than one way.”

The Cumberbunnies have proven popular so far. Lindsey-Clark said customers frequently purchase two at a time – “one to look at, and one to eat while they look at the other,” the Worthing Herald said.


Lindsey-Clark, the artist behind Brighton Road’s “Chocolatician” studio (she coined the term herself), works alongside sculptor Tim Simpson, who creates the moulds for the casting.

Lindsey-Clark melts the chocolate and pours it into the moulds. When they are set, she adds “final flourishes” by hand, the Worthing Herald explains. Each treat takes at least a day to make and just 100 Goslings will be released for Easter.

Vegan Easter Chocolate

Vegan chocolate is having a moment this Easter, in other forms besides celebrities’ faces on avian bodies.

Yorkshire-based vegan chocolate brand Mummy Meagz created its own version of the popular Cadbury Creme Egg this year. The gooey, chocolatey gluten-free” eggs are made with sunflower lecithin and cocoa butter.

Major UK retailers are also tapping into upped demand for dairy-free chocolate. Sainsbury’s is selling vegan Choc Orange and Choc Honeycomb Easter eggs, as well as dairy-free strawberry and white chocolate eggs under its Free From range. The baby pink-coloured eggs are “flecked and flavoured with delicious strawberry pieces” and taste like milkshake.

Aldi UK’s store shelves feature a vegan dark chocolate egg with Ferrero Rocher-like hazelnut truffles and Tesco is selling milk-free salted caramel eggs.