‘Pumfu’ Tofu Is Made Entirely Out of Pumpkin Seeds

'Pumfu’ Tofu Is Made Entirely Out of Pumpkin Seeds

Woman-owned, family-ran vegan business Foodies has launched its latest product, a soy-free tofu called Pumfu.

Pumfu is made with organic pumpkin seeds which are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

With a similar consistency to extra firm tofu, Pumfu offers 17 grams of plant-based protein and five grams of fiber in one 4oz serving. It’s also rich in healthy fats and has no added sugar or salt.

Foodies Vegan describes its Pumfu as a “nutritionally dense superfood and a smart addition to any meal; whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner!,” adding that the product is useful in both savory and sweet recipes including stir fries, scrambles, lasagna, and cheesecake.

Using clean, simple ingredients and no texturized protein or isolates, Foodies Vegan creates plant-based foods like Artichoke Veggie Burgers and Pumpkin Seed Frittatas. All of its Frittata line is free from added sugar and oil, and all of its products are free from gluten and soy.

Is Soy Healthy?

‘Pumfu’ Tofu Is Made Entirely Out of Pumpkin Seeds
Pumfu is soy-free and organic

Whether soy is good for you has been widely debated. It’s rich in protein and vitamin C and is a good source of fiber, calcium, and iron. It’s also low in saturated fat.

However, some believe soy intake could impact thyroid function or breast cancer incidence. Others say it influences male sex hormones. However, most experts agree that more research is needed as the studies that have suggested that soy is risky have been counteracted by other research confirming it is safe.

Harvard spoke to dietitian Kathy McManus, director of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, who praised the benefits of soy and added that whole soy foods – like soy milk, tofu, and edamame – “could replace red meat and other animal sources of protein higher in saturated fat.”

Tofu Takes Over

As more people ditch meat, dairy, and eggs in favor of vegan food, sales of tofu soars. When Canada updated its nutritional guidelines to include a larger focus on plant-based foods and drastically fewer animal products, Quebec, Canada, experienced a tofu shortage.

Elsewhere in the world, people are tuning in to the benefits of the vegan food. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay launched a vegan breakfast in the UK that features scrambled tofu. “Who knew tofu eggs were this tasty?” he wrote last March.

Other brands are also making tofu from alternative ingredients. American brand Hudson River Foods makes a variety made from hemp seeds.

Foodies products are available at Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Walmart, and independent grocers across the country.