Quorn to Introduce New Refrigerated Vegan Meat to Stores Across USA

This week – one of the biggest worldwide leaders in the plant-based meat alternative product market have just released a new refrigerated vegan ‘meat’ to U.S shelves. Following one year of intense product development efforts, Quorn now believes they have produced a refrigerated line which lives up to the standard of Quorn’s frozen products that are renowned for their texture, flavour and quality. Their products already appeal to a wide range of consumers who want to reduce or eliminate meat consumption.

The company is ‘Dedicated to a meat-free future‘ yet Quorn Foods recently came under fire for labelling their products in a way that consumers believe was misleading – but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to increase production and pioneer a global food system shift to a foreseeable plant-based future.

The Head of Marketing at Quorn Foods USA, Ben Sussna said, “The launch of the Quorn refrigerated line at Kroger marks an exciting new chapter for Quorn Foods in the US. We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to make reducing meat consumption tastier, healthier, and more convenient for consumers.” Adding, “To that end, Quorn’s new refrigerated products provide consumers with endless choice and versatility to prepare delicious and healthy meatless meals. I truly believe consumers will love the taste, convenience and health benefits of our new refrigerated products.”

New products include Chicken and Apple Sausage, Italian Sausage and Italian Strips. They are 100% soy-free and vegan-friendly – despite their names which mimic traditional meat products. This refrigerated range will be available at retailers across the U.S including just under 1500 Kroger stores and Kroger associated banner stores alike Kind Soopers, Fred Meyer and Ralphs.

When compared per ounce, Quorn products have the same amount of protein as eggs – yet this is derived from Mycoprotein™, their unique protein that is non-GMO, naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in protein and fiber. Quorn products are known as being unique to alternative vegan proteins such as soy-based products because of the superior taste and texture that Mycoprotein™ creates, thus making them believably similar to meat.

Alongside being healthier for humans and animals, Quorn’s range of plant-meat products are also better for the environment than traditional meat as they have a carbon footprint that is 70% lower than chicken and significantly, 90% lower than beef. There are 19 other countries around the world who stock Quorn products and since 1985, the company has served about 4 billion meals – a figure which is set to only rise more with this new range of ‘meats’.

Image Credits: Quorn Foods